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Importance Pause, and ask yourself these questions: How can you know your company, without knowing yourself? How can you ask your employees to know the company, if they themselves are unsure…

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How to Get Paid for Blogging: 11 Ideas to Try Out
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Blogging is a dream job. Who wouldn’t want to write a blog about the things they love and make money from it? And with that dream plastered all over the…

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The World’s Most Valuable AI Companies, and What They’re Working On
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It recognizes our faces. It knows the videos we might like. And it can even, perhaps, recommend the best course of action to take to maximize our personal health. Artificial…

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Why ‘perpetual learning’ will help you thrive in the changing world of work
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The world is changing. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here – and it is having an impact on everything, including the future of work. A significant evolution of the labour…

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4 Billion New Minds Online: The Coming Era of Connectivity
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In the next 6 years, 4 billion “new minds” are about to be connected to the world wide web, at gigabit connection speeds, at near zero-cost. By 2024, we are…

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The Smart Cities of the Future Are Already Taking Off
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By 2040, about two-thirds of the world’s population will be concentrated in urban centers. Over the decades ahead, 90 percent of this urban population growth is predicted to flourish across…

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How to Sell Ebooks Online: Make Money Selling Digital Products
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What if you could make money from the things you love, the topics you know a lot about and the interests you’re passionate about? I mean, who doesn’t right? Excuse…

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5 Businesses You Can Start Today With No Money
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Tired of the cubicle life? Are you looking for low cost businesses to start immediately? Do you crave freedom to work under your own terms, whenever you want and from…

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In the Future, We’ll Know Everything—Thanks to This Tech
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We’re rapidly approaching the era of abundant knowledge—a time when you can know anything you want, anywhere you want, anytime you want. An era of radical transparency. By 2020, it’s estimated we’ll…

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20 common jobs in 2040
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If you walked into an average 1950s era household, you would see much that you would recognize, including home appliances, a TV and an automobile. On the other hand, if…

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