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The World’s Most Valuable AI Companies, and What They’re Working On
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It recognizes our faces. It knows the videos we might like. And it can even, perhaps, recommend the best course of action to take to maximize our personal health. Artificial…

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In the Future, We’ll Know Everything—Thanks to This Tech
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We’re rapidly approaching the era of abundant knowledge—a time when you can know anything you want, anywhere you want, anytime you want. An era of radical transparency. By 2020, it’s estimated we’ll…

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20 common jobs in 2040
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If you walked into an average 1950s era household, you would see much that you would recognize, including home appliances, a TV and an automobile. On the other hand, if…

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Rebooting Citizenship: Responding to AI and Automation
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Contributed by John Lazar, Software Engineer, Business Leader and Technology Investor  We are assailed almost every day with a new report or study purporting to clarify the impact of Artificial…

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Empathy and the Future of Policy making
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Contributed by Kit Collingwood-Richardson, Deputy Director Universal Credit, Department for Work & Pensions (DWP). Co-founder, One Team Government movement. The public sector must respond more effectively to societal change The way…

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Why Rapid Failure Is The New Secret To Business Success
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P&G has a “Heroic Failure Award” for its employees. Tata has a “Dare to Try Award”. Why are these organizations encouraging — and even rewarding — their employees to fail?…

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Globally, the banking industry is facing disappointing returns and sluggish growth. The global banking industry has shown many signs of renewed health. The recovery from the financial crisis is—at long…

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Life in 2030: these are the 4 things experts can’t predict (must read via the WEF)
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“ This explosion of connectivity brings new possibilities, but also economic and social vulnerabilities. The level of coordination and coding required to stitch the Internet of Things together is orders…

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Why It is your Conscious Choice to Impact the Future or Not
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The world becomes a more hopeful place when you ask yourself what could go right instead of always assuming you know what will go wrong to prevent the realisation of…

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How to Develop The Skill that will Save you from Being Replaced By Robots or Automation
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AN AFRICAN FUTURIST PERSPECTIVE The single most important skill you will ever learn is in itself an oxymoron. It is dependent on your ability to vanquish procrastination and achieve something…

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