The Rest Global Business Growth Masterclass

The Reset Global Business Growth MasterClass

Welcome to 2020 and to my Tribe of Extraordinary Global Citizens sharing knowledge and experiences to enhance their businesses, lives and communities at Large.

So this is my Christmas and New Year Gift to you and I pray it blesses you and sets your year on the right trajectory of Growth and Dominance.

So whether you run a business, you are a start up, influencer, social change Agent or just a curious learner looking to grow, this Class is for you.

There are 2 ways to create Economic Value.

  1. You can find out what people want, and work out a clever way to supply it
  2. Or You can work our what you can supply and find a clever way to make people want it.

“We decode messages not just on what they inherently contain, but on the difficulty of generating them.”

For example: let’s say you get two wedding invitations, and they’re for the same weekend. One of them comes through the post, has a beautiful design, and is handwritten. The other comes through by email.

Which one are you going to choose? The one that comes through the post – and it’s probably not even close.

Our brains haven’t quite evolved to take communication literally, and that’s why we look at what sort of “skin in the game” the communicator has. This should be at the helm of your decision making as a lead thinker for anything you do.

Opportunity knocks, but only if it knows your address.

In this Class, you will experience:

  • Sales
  • Marketing & Digital Marketing
  • Client Acquisition
  • Social Media Marketing to Boost Sales and Growth

like you have never experienced it before. So welcome to the Class, Register Below and expect a confirmation email with details of Venue and all other information. See you in Class.